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X86 (and X87) instructions

TODO: - add flag for control-flow instructions (branches, return, call, etc.) - x87 instructions: FPU status flags (C0,C1,C2,C3) are not indicated yet - add potential exceptions - add required privilege - add pseudo-code for each instruction - instruction sets - 3DNow! - XOP encoded instructions - AVX512 - EVEX encoded instructions - granularity field in vectorial instructions (packed byteworddword/etc.)

FIXME: X87 instructions don't encode precisely the stack popping (e.g., it is not enough to say that ST(1) is accessed in Read/Write mode, we need to encode that ST(n+1) becomes ST(n) for all n)

FIXME: MemAlign property needs to be checked (added only since vhaddpd)